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gentleman of leisure Roiser, Arthur 1932 Xmas 1932 Arthur RoiserWith fond LoveFrom [il·legible] [il·legible]Xmas 1932
American Emeritus Dan [s.d.] [s.d.] For Tom with affection and gratitude
Penguin Wodehouse companion Dan 1988 August 1988 For Tom from DanAugust 1988
Pegs 1949 Christmas 1949 Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas, Maurice-Hoping you'll enjoy these stories as much as I do!(signat) PegsChristmas 1949
Wodehouse Handbook. The World and Words of P.G. Wodehouse Murphy, N.T.P. [s.d] [s.d] To Tom Here it is - at long, long last.Norman Murphy
After hours with P.G. Wodehouse [il·legible] 1990 Christmas 1990 For Tom and NancyChristmas 1990from [il·legible] with love
Throwback [s.d] [s.d] To Behic
Wilt Sharpe, Tom [s.d] [s.d] To Trudy, With very good wish from (signat) Tom Sharpe
Blott on the landscape Sharpe, Tom [s.d] [s.d] To Ted, with very best wishes, (signat) Tom Sharpe
Ancestral vices Sharpe, Tom [s.d.] [s.d.] For Terru Fritzpatrick, Best wishes, (signat) Tom Sharpe
I'm Coming to Get You [il·legible] 1995 Nov 95 To Tom Thanks for [il·legible]
The black tower Much love. Petu + Sarah [il·legible]
Caïn et Abel avaient un frère Delaroche, Philippe 2000 20 juin 2000 Pour Tom Sharpe, qui ignorai que Wilt avait un petit frère cachè: Charles Blizan ce "corporate-movie" qui convaque la Bible avec: Caïn et Abel avaient un frère", at les telecom... Amicalement Paris, le 20 juin 2000
1421 Menzies, Gavin [s.d] To Tom, with many thanks for a memorable evening. This should change your view of exploration history.
The angst-ridden executive Vázquez Montalbán, Manuel 1991 10.II.91 To Tom from Robert and [il·legible]
Language, cohesion and form Wilks, Yorick 2006 1-VI-06 For Tom from Yorick. The photo at the front should [il·legible] a memory or two
Press the Toes in the Grass Barbara 2009 11 Sept, 2009 To Tom + Nancy, our two favourite people in the world- who have given me the best advice (secret). With love. Barbara
The Life and Death of the Press Barons Piers [s.d] To Tom and Nancy with much love (and thanks for a [il·legible] that makes me look less dotty than usual from Piers
Catalonia Miserachs, Xavier 1997 April 1997 To Tom Sharpe, with my friendship and the complicity that comes from the work in photograph
The Mitrokhin Archive Andrew, Christopher [s.d.] Tom: Mitrokhin and I hope for walk-on parts in your next novel. Best wishes
The Concise flowers of Europe Oliphant, Ann 1982 [s.d] To Thomas Ridley Sharp, M.A. With Best Wishes for a Very happy Birthday. 1982
W.B. Yeats. The Man and the Milieu Tom 1997 31 Aug 97 To Nancy love from her devoted husband. Love you!
The Bastard Boy Wilson, James 2005 10th June 2005 To: Tom Sharpe. With thanks for the inspiration you gave me, and very best wishes
The best of Saki Sharpe, Tom [s.d.] Best wishes
Living proof a mdical mutiny Sharpe, Nancy 2002 June 2002 To Montserrat who treats the whole patient. With best wishes, Nancy Sharpe
The Floatation Tank [il·legible] 2007 26-3-07 To Tom Sharpe. From your fan
Casting up Times Past Soar, Peter [s.d.] For my very good friend Tom from Peter
Porterhouse blue Sharpe, Tom 1974 1/11/74 To Jim & Sue with many thanks for your kind hospitality. Best wishes. Tom Sharpe
Let us be glum 1942 12.1.42 [il·legible], with my good wishes
Wilt in nowhere Sharpe, Tom [s.d.] Best wishes
The complete works of William Shakespeare Julian 1951 13.VI.51 Tom Sharpe, In memory of bad coddee, Dick's "Times", and intersting (sometimes!) conversation
Candide ou l'optimisme [il·legible], Christian 1991 March 5th'91 Dear Tom and Nancy, To "illustrate" some passages of Tom's novels here is Candide and Wolinski's drawings. With all best wishes. Yours ever
Vintage stuff Sharpe, Tom 1982 [s.d.] To Montse with best wishes
The Ballad of Peckham Rye Sharpe, Tom Tom Sharpe
Vintage Stuff Sharpe, Tom Best wishes
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